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edward ruchalski: dark night

lunar hypnosis []
webzine, usa, october 2007

Edward Ruchalski is an experimental ambient artist from Syracuse, New York. Ed's music is interesting because while it has a typical dark drony ambient sound it doesn't exactly invoke the same feelings I usually get with this sort of music.

Forget the whole murky cavernous feeling that you usually associate with this type of stuff, and try to picture yourself sleeping in a more rural area while a host if interesting events play outside your window.

I have sort of experienced this myself, and I think it's very interesting the sounds you can hear outside your window on summer nights, although I don't live in a rural area. Besides the usual drony ambient sound you can hear sprinklers running nearby, wind blowing, water flowing, clocks ticking, acoustic guitars being lightly plucked, piano echoing from through the hallways, chains rattling, and the sound of cars passing and sirens ringing in the far distance.

I've said it before, but sometime before going to bed just take a listen to the various sounds outside your window. In my own experiences with this it happens to sound a lot like Ruchalski's music.

Edward Ruchalski creates a dark but very real world through his art that I definitely admire and can totally relate myself too. This album, like the rest of the Afe releases I've reviewed recently, is limited to just a hundred copies and comes in a pro-printed cardboard sleeve. Certainly worth checking out.

[JJM, 8/10]