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edward ruchalski: territorial objects

the sound projector []
magazine, u.k., august 2007

[Reviewed along with "Dark Night" and Mathieu Ruhlmann's "The Earth Grows in Each of Us]

Italian entrepreneur Andrea Marutti has sent a few examples from his art-edition CD-R label Afe Records in Milan. Much to my great excitement, he's put in two records by Edward Ruchalski.

We interviewed this modest NY State (Syracuse) genius in issue 13 of the magazine, and I personally can't hear enough of his mystical-magical soundworks, some using home-made instruments, all of them using imagination and strange narrative drivers behind the deft tape-splices.

On "Territorial Objects" (afe089lcd) it seems we have one Michael Burton suspended up to his waist in the waters of Butternut Creek, playing cymbals, bells and other percussion.

On "Dark Night" (afe090lcd), a solo work, Ruchalski does his best to realise in sound the beauties and mysteries of a New England night with all the visionary powers of a Ray Bradbury.

My inner warlock is just itching to get these colourful beauties (orange and black respectively) slotted into an appropriate technical niche!

Also in the package, Mathieu Ruhlmann's "The Earth Grows in Each of Us" (afe097lcd), an electro-acoustic work to do with regenerative rites and based closely on Mathieu's personal family situations.

All three of these packaged in restrained, professionally-printed wallets that put a lot of CD-R releases in the shade; the Ruhlmann sleeve resembles a Joseph Cornell artwork. 100 copies only of these gems…

[Ed Pinsent]