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edward ruchalski: territorial objects

lunar hypnosis []
webzine, usa, march 2008

Edward Ruchalski is a guitar teacher and composer living in New York. He has been the recipient of two Individual Artists Grants from the Cultural Resources Council in Syracuse and has released eight full length studio albums.

"Territorial Objects" is a collection of thirteen short (the longest clocking in a 5:37) unnamed pieces recorded with the help of Michael Burton and Matt Broad.

What is interesting about this album is the variety of source materials used to produce it. Everything from guitars, field recordings, cymbals, bells, and even artillery casings were used. In some cases, a creek was used to vary the pitch of a cymbal or a casing.

This entire album is ritualistic, rhythmic and unique, and range from feeling natural to feeling mechanized. In every track, hundreds of ideas and sounds are displayed and expanded upon, and it would be impossible to replicate even a tenth of this album.

It took me a few spins to even scratch the surface of the individual tracks, and will take a few hundred more for me to be able to fully appreciate every individual sound.

A fantastic album for the days when you just can't find the perfect CD to listen to. (10)