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fhievel: preghiera per una stella

paris transatlantic []
webzine, france, november 2006

There are more stars on offer in "Preghiera per una stella", the follow-up to last year's delicate, white-wool wrapped "Le Baptême de la Solitude" (Petite Sono), by Italy's Luca Bergero, a.k.a. Fhievel.

It's another helping of gentle, contemplative electronica, 22'25" of sustained chords (tonal, broadly speaking, drifting imperceptibly from major to minor) fading in and out to the accompaniment of a gossamer-fine network of laptop flutters, pops and rustles (imagine someone shaking a tiny seashell full of sand near your ear).

Not exactly groundbreaking stuff, but it doesn't set out to be; instead, this is music that works with a small amount of basic material and uses it effectively to draw the listener into its quiet, unassuming and undeniably beautiful world.