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dronæment: ezoterick muzick

chain d.l.k. []
webzine, italy, may 2007

As we first notice with the nice artwork and some titles of the songs, the new album by Dronaement is inspired by Indian culture and more precisely by Indian meditation music. The pace and repetition of the minimal rhythm section with ethnic instruments is added to the layering of sampled field recordings which is a constant in many of Obst's works.

"Ezoterick Muzick" is similar to Storey's experiments with ethnic sounds and loops (late Zoviet France / early Rapoon) and the mind expanding synthlines have a deep connection with Tangerine Dream's and Popol Vuh's first works, and maybe this album is even a tribute to some Kosmische masterpieces inspired by South-Asian culture (or hippy heritage...) like "Lord Krishna Von Goloka" by Cosmic Courriers feat. Sergius Golowin or the even more obscure "Crawling to Lhasa" by Kalacakra.

For the cosmic travellers all over the world.

[Andrea Vercesi]