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leeza: living in a pixel

chain d.l.k. []
webzine, italy, october 2006

Milan's Luca Di Mattei a.k.a. Leeza is out on the Afe label with the new "Living in a Pixel". Slightly out-of-fashion laptop-based IDM but extremely well executed.

Leeza's trademark are the keen and intricate synthlines almost recalling the ones on Bola's "Soup" (my all-time favourite in IDM) but there are more Autechrish ("Amber"-era) tracks like "Dav_Home" or "Phonetik Boot" that show a good display of more schizoid rhythms and breaks.

"Living in a Pixel" is a record that would fit perfectly in the Skam back catalogue. A more recent reference point would be the rosters of the Toytronic and Merck labels. A well-crafted record not to be missed by IDM diehards and nostalgics.

[Andrea Vercesi]