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leeza: living in a pixel

chain d.l.k. []
webzine, italy, june 2006

I think lot's of our readers know Afe for the xperimental-electronic-ambient-weird-odd-mistique roster but Leeza has not that much to share with the afore listed categories.

If a CD can stick to a good definition, you can bet "Living in a Pixel" fits perfectly with the "Intelligent Dance Music" classification. If you've ever been into the glory days of Warp and you think Autechre before becoming a "total defragmenting machine", and Afx before getting fond of Satie and bored by the whole world were great, I think you'd better give a listen to this.

Passatism? Mere revivalism?...A friend of mine would answer: "who care unless it sounds good!?" and he’s probably right. Leeza is perhaps a fan of that synth/keyboard sound that marked so deeply the tracks on the Artificial Intelligence samplers, while that's much more than an impression, rhythmically the song are quite simple but really straight to the point.

Sometimes it was like listening to the "dearly missed" Black Dog but also to L.F.O. and in my book that's a good thing. Leeza is probably into building up good danceable tunes much more than trying to sound cool at any cost (listen to "Dav_home" or "Ermos" for example).

An honest release that reminds when a "block party" was still a "rave" and not a "cheap" band on MTV.

[Andrea Ferraris]