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non ethos: syk asfalt

lunar hypnosis []
webzine, usa, october 2007

Non Ethos was a short lived side project of Norwegian musician Hærleif Langås, who nowadays is rather well known for his work with Northaunt. Non Ethos existed until 2003, and during its existence a few releases were giving away privately, and only one actual album limited to fifty copies was released in 2000. Now, a few years after the bands demise, "Syk Asfalt" is released as a CDr limited to 100 copies in a pro-printed cardboard sleeve.

Musically Non Ethos is a sort of experimental ambient music that's actually a bit different than Northaunt. Where Northaunt is generally more melodic and chilly sounding, Non Ethos is drony ambiance with glitches, electric buzzes, and various field recordings that are processed into sound.

The album is - as you might expect - calm, but at times it gives me the feeling that something more intense and harsh is on the horizon, but things never really reach that point. On the other hand sometimes the drones become a bit better paced and it serves to keep interest.

If you're a fan of Hærleif's work or just want another neat ambient release, than I see no reason not to investigate this one, but of course take notice of the limited availability of it.

[JJM, 8/10]