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a.a.v.v.: total blackout

vital weekly []
newsletter, the netherlands, october 2010

The approach of this compilation is quite nice: ask musicians to create music without 'using any electrically-powered source/instrument, just like they were experiencing a real black out situation', and we are left in the dark too. There is no tracklist and each tape (limited to 47 copies) is copied in a random/shuffle mode.

So if I wanted to write that say Rinus Van Alebeek's piece is great, I couldn't. Or if Andrea Marutti's track sucks, I couldn't either. Even more: if I would write that the first ten minutes on the b-side is great, you couldn't verify that: your copy might be different. A true black out indeed.

The 'unplugged' approach relates to field recordings here, which I think is cheating the idea. Field recordings are always unplugged, me thinks. The best pieces are those that use any kind of sound that is acoustic, the voice/poetry bits, or the use/abuse of acoustic objects.

Interesting stuff, difficult to review. It may have tracks by aal, Andrea Marutti, Carlo Giordani, Crashcars For The Ravers, Fhievel & Luca Sigurtà, Madame P, Rinus Van Alebeek and Vale. Perhaps in an order of some kind. Maybe not.

[Frans de Waard]