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maeror tri: peak experience

chain d.l.k. []
webzine, italy, november 2005

This is a luxurious, and quite limited (150 copies only) re-release of this cult post-industrial band's 1989 tape, to be exact of its German edition on Bestattungsinstitut.

As with all their recent and much demanded reprints, a lot of care has been given to the packaging: the CD-R is housed between two black wooden plates, closed by a Chinese paper band with the Maeror Tri logo stamped in black ink.

One of the early tapes of the trio (that, as you all probably know, has later given birth to Troum), "Peak Experience" is also one of its harshest and most industrial sounding works - most of the original A side is indeed dominated by screeching feedback, pedals abuse and mangled vocals, right from the surprisingly fierce "My Electrocution".

But besides full-on noise, the disc is a sort of sum of all the different influences of Maeror Tri's: from cosmic music ("Talita Kum!", the beginning of "Boundary to Insanity 5") to darker drones ("Translucent Vault", "The Threat", "Endless Space"), from rhythmic pieces ("Wovoka") to a final quasi-wave song ("The Last Perception").

The material has undoubtly aged, but it has aged well - though I honestly find Troum's music much more mature and captivating, this is a nice trip into old school industrial music.

[Eugenio Maggi]