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de fabriek: quatro-erogenic-occupy theme's part II

vital weekly []
newsletter, the netherlands, august 2004

(...) Also since many, many years active are De Fabriek and they are never the same. They have sounded noise like, psychedelic, electronic, techno and, due to the open membership, here they go into more hippy/psychedelic areas again.

Thanks, I think, to the member that is called The Use Of Ashes, a, for me, local guitar group with a very recognizable guitar playing style. It's this guitarsound that plays an important role here.

The role of other members include mixing in their own field recordings, ethnic music, synth sounds and maybe more guitars. This makes this release into a nice psychedelic affair and of course a totally alien work in the ever expanding catalogue of De Fabriek (but that can of course be said of almost all recordings of De Fabriek, hardly two are alike).

This is one of the better ones.

[Frans De Waard]