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telepherique: hörspiele

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newsletter, the netherlands, april 2003

Telepherique are main players in the world of underground noise since god knows how many years. Their discography must be long and filled with obscure LP releases, CDs and CDRs. On their most recent release "Hoerspiele" (which is that remarkable German word for radioplays)
they explore the world of ambient and musique concrete.

Taking elements from daily life and feeding that through samplers, synthesizers and sound effects (reverb is the most important one, sadly enough as I am no particular big fan of the use of reverb) and thus creating music that is about the 'sensibility of hearing, the chance of hearing, meditating and travelling by the means of well known noises that we can hardly hear because they always surround us'.

The result is quite nice ambient music that avoids the kitschy cliche's and is most of the time upfront present. Only in "Fernweh", with it's ambient house rhythm and dolphins cry, they miss a point. This is music about travelling, I very much agree. It moves from the
country-side to the city and back.

It's forcefull yet still ambient music, loaded from top to bottom with sounds and effects. Despite some of the effects being too much present in the mix, it's still a nice release.

[Frans De Waard]