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dronæment: yr

vital weekly []
newsletter, the netherlands, may 2003

The man behind Dronæment is a busy bee. Besides the Dronæment project, Marcus Obst is also involved in Das Rhythmische Ornament and Oscillator and he runs a small label, Nauze [Muzick]. His releases find their way usually on CD-R or tape.

For this release he plays around with an old organ, synthesizers, a little sampler, lots of guitar effects, field recordings and, that is what makes this into quite a nice release, is the addition of a cello and an acoustic guitar.

With music that dwells very much on the effects of drone, you can easily imagine that the pieces on this release are lenghty. Six tracks, totalling some fifty-five minutes, of dark and drony soundscapes, with sounds being fade in and out, guitar playing being looped ad infinitum, or the sound processings being done on the recordings of a thunder storm: it
all evokes bleak and dark images of industrial sites, sparsely lit at night, with fog-covered swamps and misty seashores.

Nothing spectacular new to the likeminded of Troum or Tarkatak, but certainly one that can easily meet with them. Extra data is also enclosed on the release, in case you want to know more.

[Frans De Waard]