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dronæment: yr

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webzine, russia, november 2003

Another artefact arrived from the very soul of underground activity, the perfect surprise for all lovers of handicraft musical goods with finest quality - that's the new Dronaement album.

It's a project of german musician Markus Obst, devoted to drone-ambient music. Drone-ambient is a kind of ambient music, non-melodic and quite monotonous, mainly based on processed sound evoked from one single tone or instrument.
Here we have guitar sounds, endlessly collaged and drenched in the sea of electronic effects.

As far I can know, this is the finest full-length album of Dronaement, released after several self-produced tapes, more recent 7" on Drone Records (who shall doubt), some CD-Rs released by Dachstuhl and Nauze [Muzick] and split-albums with Infant Cycle (on LP) and Rabbit's Sorrow (on CD).

"Yr" was produced for Afe Records, small but lovely italian home-label known for the plenty of very limited in edition but unlimited in quality, professionally shaped CDR-albums (we are waiting for the 100th release!).

"Yr" combines all elements of design at once: wrapped in thin handpainted sheet of coloured ragpaper and placed within foldout minicover decorated with blurred images. The visual part is following to the sound interior presented on the album in somehow old-school way.

The multimedia part, on the contrary, is conceived as hi-tech presentation - it's like a professional flash-website, so that you can find the notes on the band itself, an abstract photo gallery and a multi-channel mixer with some tracks excerpts.

Just another good album which demands to be re-released as a regular CD someday.