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krell: electronic music of dendera


Artist: Krell
Title: Electronic Music of Dendera
Label: Kipple Officina Libraria [intonarumori06]
Format: CD-R
Tracks: 13
Playing time: 49:02
Release date: December 2005
File under: Experimental / Electronic

Track List:

1.  Obelisko Intro March  2:01

2.  King Scorpion  3:58

3.  Amon-Ra  2:29

4.  Kleopatra Birthdeath  4:47

5.  Dendera Testing  3:34

6.  Amenothep IV / Akhenaton  4:55

7.  Heavencontact=Pyramid  2:53

8.  Bast Reign  6:06

9.  Nile and Stars  6:03

10.  Amon-Ra Reprise  2:49

11.  Anubi  5:18

12.  Osiris Outro March  2:16

13.  Tut'  1:30


"Very strange stone reliefs were found in the Hathor Temple, part of the Dendera Temple complex in Egypt.

Researchers explained them as images of cathod ray tubes or electric lamps showing built-in serpentines. The name ancient Egyptians used to call such serpentine was “Seref”, which literally means "To light".

Two boxes standing beside the tubes were explained as electric batteries feeding them with energy through what engineer Alfred D. Bielek identified as a copper cable. Every tube is placed on a "djed" column, which acts as an high voltage isolator.

Men and women absorbed in meditation sitting around the devices to create a receptive aura made some researchers think about a different explanation.

Krell, musicologist and engineer, after long and meticulous studies, now describes the tubes as electronic musical instruments, not so far from the well-known Theremin.

He carefully rebuilt the istruments depicted on the stone reliefs and plays them according to some musical inscriptions and hieroglyphics discovered in the same temple.

Additional sounds on tracks 2, 4, 5, 8 and 9 by
The Afeman. Voice on tracks 4, 6 and 11 by Paola Bianchi. Mastered by The Afeman at Lips Vago Digital Studio in December 2005."*

* From "Electronic Music of Dendera" liner notes, Kipple Officina Libraria 2005