[andrea marutti, discography]
a.a.v.v.: embedded


Artist: A.A.V.V.
Title: Embedded
Label: Deterrent Industries [deter009]
Format: 2xCD-R ltd. to 80 copies
Tracks: 13 + 11
Playing time: 44:26 + 40:36
Release date: March 2003
File under: Experimental

Track List:

disc 1: active

1.  DER EINZIGE - Adhesive Metal  1:28

2.  NEUTRALIZING FORCE - Feeding Tube  3:19

3.  KWAIDAN - Of Japanese Influence  4:50

4.  SKRUNTSKRUNT - Rendered 1 [0-9][0-9]  2:54

5.  LUCA SIGURTÀ - Oh oh Happy  2:06

6.  MORTMAIN - Scathen  4:02

7.  LAMP LEAKING DEAD FLIES - What is Night? Only Twentyfive Cents and a Broken Face  3:02

8.  NAKED INTRUDER - Prima Materia  3:01

9.  NARC - Dark Block  3:56

10.  STELLADRINE - 8 Bit is Enough  3:29

11.  THIRD MIND VS. SCRAP.EDX - Unstable Isotope  4:58

12.  ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - Accumulator  4:57

13.  PUNISH YOURSELF - Mole IX  2:16

disc 2: passive

1.  aal - Embodiment  4:31

2.  ANDREA MARUTTI - A New Relation  4:34

3.  GENTIL PAYSAN - 01  2:39

4.  GENTIL PAYSAN - 02  2:00

5.  GENTIL PAYSAN - 04  2:26

6.  HORCHATA - Atta Remix  4:20

7.  HORCAHTA - Cellula2_8a_pteropus  4:37

8.  KEVIN P - Ess-p-twelve  4:46

9.  LOGOPLASM - Lift a Stone and Find Me There  3:32

10.  SPHERICAL DISRUPTED - Com Verbot (Kurzgefasst)  4:57

11.  URKUMA - The Intrusion of Micro-sound-installation n. 3  1:38


An exploration of what can be achieved when pushing against the limits memory space, clock speed, restricted functionality and purpose specific infrastructure. The digital voice of micro-processor machinations to the arhythmic frustration of system failure to the stress fracture of unintended interoperability. Over 80 minutes of sound. Packaged in a dual DVD case with full colour cover, accompanying booklet and professionally printed and duplicated CD-Rs.*

* Description taken from the Deterrent Industries website.


"The interference of a video signal through an old SB16 soundcard was recorded back in October 1996 on a DAT tape. At that time my old and faithful 14" video screen wasn't working very well... that was due to the damaged cable... I couldn't replace it because it was fixed to the video screen. I usually had to bend or move the cable to force the inner wires in their correct position and have the screen do its job. I accidentaly discovered the beautiful sound created by this process and spent several hours recording it. I was very very impressed. On purpose of providing a suitable track for "Embedded", in November 2002 I decided to edit and use that old archive recording that I never forgot about. Althought rich and extremely powerful, it wasn't going to turn into a track by itself: it needed and deserved some friendly help. Late at night, hour by hour, I was getting very excited about this project... I took off the case of my PC and staring at that wonderful naked vision I started having nasty ideas about it. Using a self-built contact microphone (...courtesy of Ciccio) I recorded many different sounds. I carefully caressed the warm case with my hands, each side of it. The case was responding in a low subdued metallic howling. That was fine. Then I got myself armed with a blue medium screwdriver and repeatedly stimulated the two cooling-fans, one by one. Each time the screwdriver touched a fan the whole machine was having some kind of start. A leap for pleasure? I would say so. Just like in a voyeuristic trip I attached the microphone to the hard disk that was storing the temporary recording file. Can't forget about the shouts: some kind of a "Peeping Tom" effect, you know what I mean? Reaching the final climax I seated and showed some courage using a discrete amount of scotch tape to apply the microphone on myself. I tried to capture the sound of the blood running through my veins but all I managed to catch was the sound of the scotch tape pulling my hair away as I was frantically typing my impressions in real time."

Equipment / Hardware / Software used for recording and assembling this track includes but is not limited to:

3M scotch tape
Aiwa AM-F65 mini disc
assembled big tower PC
Ciccio's self-built contact microphone
IBM DDRS-34560 SCSI disk device
Just Cooler colling fan (x2)
LG Electronics 14" video screen
Sound Blaster SB16 soundcard
Steinberg Wavelab 3.04c (build67)
Tascam DA-30mkII dat
UNI 7084-72 4.5x100 screwdriver
Yamaha Promix 01 mixer

Recorded and assembled in November 2002 at Lips Vago Digital Studio. Special thanks to Ciccio and Giuseppe Verticchio for their invaluable support.*

* Original notes written by Andrea Marutti in late November 2002.