[releases] afe129mcd
leeza: ermos ep

  Artist: Leeza
: Ermos EP
Format: Pro-duplicated coloured MiniCD-R 3" ltd. to 100 copies
(50 orange / 50 blue)
Tracks: 5
Playing time: 21:36
Release date: April 2011
Note: Free with the first 100 copies of afe128cd

Track List:

1.  Startup  4:31

2.  Ermos  3:39

3.  Powgen  4:23

4.  Nuuu  4:08

5.  Ermos (Rmx)  4:45



Included in the first 100 copies of Leeza's "Somewhere Out There" purchased from the Afe mail order - or directly from the artist - the "Ermos EP" comes as a pro-duplicated coloured MiniCD-R 3", orange or blue at your own choice while stocks last.

It features five tracks, including the original version of "Ermos" (released on "Living In a Pixel"), a brand new remix of the title track created on purpose of this release and three other numbers which are exclusive to this EP.