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peter percept: pilgrimini

  Artist: Peter Percept
: Pilgrimini
Format: CD-R ltd. to 200 numbered copies in pro-printed gatefold cardboard sleeve
Tracks: 13
Playing time: 66:07
Release date: September 2002
File under: Weird Electronica
Note: This item is deleted.


Track List:

1.  The Magic Forest  2:19

2.  I Got The Prolapsus  4:14

3.  Christ Me Baby  2:00

4.  Fucking Play-Doh  6:16

5.  La Decadance Du Smetana  4:50

6.  Chanvre  2:00

7.  From Heaven & Hell  5:37

8.  Bleight  5:35

9.  Daddy Rougeole  3:08

10.  When It's Really Dark  6:18

11.  Mon Amour De Mierda  7:17

12.  Velveterine  7:46

13.  Libnth  8:44



Some of you may remember about Autistre's "Sensible EP" which was published during spring 2001 in the "Afe Ltd 50" serie...

After that release and his lovely contribution to the "Teddy Bear Remix Project" Andréas Marchal has been very busy recording new tracks for his "Pilgrimini" debut album which is finally released on Afe under the Peter Percept alias.

To testify his hard work and passion "Caca Poussière", another album credited to Captain Stéphanie is released at the same time on Mouthmoth Records in Scotland...

The tiny humorous sketches of the "Sensible EP" have turned into a groovy tour de force in plunderphonia where crazy sampled rhythms and funny melodies meet each other in front of the slobber covered desk of a psychiatric adviser.

Most of the tracks sound unnervingly hilarious and pleasantly disturbing at the same time, and still you can dance to them!

The album cover may also help you to get the right picture of the music: weird and wacky like a serial killer wearing a Barry White mask... Spot that sample if you can!

"A fanciful explorer of vaguely aphexian rhythms and melodies"
Spectrum [more]

"This is some very out there, surrealistic collage of beats & bleeps"
Chain D.L.K. [more]

"Fairly refined mid/fast tempo rhythmical electronica rich of inventions and oddness"
Blow Up [more]