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raffaele serra: hypnagogic algorithms

  Artist: Raffaele Serra
: Hypnagogic Algorithms
Format: CD-R in standard jewel case with full color printed artwork
Tracks: 13
Playing time: 53:45
Release date: November 2001
File under: Avantgarde
Note: This item is deleted


Track List:

1.  Hypnagogic Algorithm One  5:49

2.  Hypnagogic Algorithm Two  4:47

3.  Hypnagogic Algorithm Three  3:18

.  Hypnagogic Algorithm Four  2:07

5.  Hypnagogic Algorithm Five  5:02

6.  Hypnagogic Algorithm Six  5:46

7.  Hypnagogic Algorithm Seven  6:12

8.  Hypnagogic Algorithm Eight  2:44

9.  Hypnagogic Algorithm Nine  5:07

10.  Hypnagogic Algorithm Ten  2:09

11.  Hypnagogic Algorithm Eleven  3:34

12.  Hypnagogic Algorithm Twelve  3:27

13.  Hypnagogic Algorithm Thirteen  3:40



A new chapter in the ever growing "Cinema for the Ears" serie. This time Raffaele's trademark synthesizers overcome the concrete elements and transform his compositions in pure electronic delights.

In between tracks filled with tension and reiteration we also discover some pleasant melodic moments and in the last track the old pioneer pays his sincere homage to the new electronic generations.

As usual, all the tracks on this release were composed, performed and recorded by Raffaele Serra in Summer 2001 at Mekon Studio.

"13 untitled tracks that showcase different humoral and neural ambiences with interesting syncretist hypothesis"
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"A collection of tracks characterized by heterogeneous sounds and structures"
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