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moan: clear your consciousness

  Artist: Moan
Title: Clear Your Consciousness 
Format: CD-R ltd. to 100 numbered copies in standard jewel case with full color printed artwork
Tracks: 1
Playing time: 43:11
Release date: June 2001
File under: Industrial Ambient
Note: This item is sold-out.


Track List:

1.  Clear Your Consciousness   43:11



In Rafal Sadej's music you can find a nocturnal silence filled with barely audible distant humming, grating metallic sounds, pulse of machines and even noise or chaos.

This time he gifts us with a very long ambient track which slowly evolves and gets contaminated by industrial atmospheres.

"A very well done Dark Industrial release"
The Dragon's Flight [more]

"A remarkable work of ultra-heavy drones, subterrean rumblings, hidden melodies and disappearing swirls"
Chain D.L.K. [more]