[releases] afe028cd
elephant zyclus: zyclus over berlin

  Artist: Elephant Zyclus
Title: Zyclus Over Berlin
Format: CD-R in transparent jewel case with full color printed artwork
Tracks: 15
Playing time: 73:04
Release date: April 2002
File under: Industrial Techno


Track List:

1.  Der Abflug  1:20

2.  Unterseeboot U-235 XB  6:32

3.  Elektron  3:47

4.  Parasite_One  5:48

5.  Signal  1:47

6.  Tripod  8:18

7.  Biotenser  5:04

8.  Klang  6:03

9.  Parasite_Two  4:04

10.  Psy/Factor  5:27

11.  DSM  0:31

12.  Thyrotron  3:03

13.  Mental  5:18

14.  -15:57 [Payload]  1:47

15.  Zyclus Over Berlin  14:10



Please welcome the return of one of the earliest Afe artists: Elephant Zyclus is here again with his second album. Recorded live directly to DAT/MD during many different sessions at Ariols Studio between late 1999 and early 2002, all the tracks were subsequently edited and mixed by A2M at Lips Vago Studio.

In his new approach to Techno music Mr. Zyclus takes filtering to the limit while skycrapers of ultra-distorded beats fall down on devilish 303s. Industrial is often just around the corner, repetion and subtle variations abuse the listener from the beginning to the end.

Just like all the other faithful and devote Afe artists, Elephant Zyclus is also featured on the monumental "Teddy Bear Remix Project".