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de fabriek: labische intermediaries III - sauerkraut unt krötenschwanz

  Artist: De Fabriek 
Title: Labische Intermediaries III - Sauerkraut und Krötenschwanz
Format: CD-R ltd. to 150 numbered copies in "synthetic leather + stickers" package
Tracks: 6
Playing time: 70:30
Release date: March 2001
File under: Healing Music
Note: This item is sold out.


Track List:

1.  Brüder das Gegenwaert  2:27

2.  Hinter den Weisen Berge  6:41

3.  Im Vallei Blühn Wieder die Psylo Kakteën Part One  13:35

4.  Im Vallei Blühn Wieder die Psylo Kakteën Part Two  9:59

5.  Heitere Nachte im Suden   4:45

6.  Wie der Sturm das Ufer Angrif  33:31



A Blade Records / Afe co-production. An incredible melting pot of styles, defies all know categories and wins!

Being active for nearly twenty-five years, De Fabriek keep amazing us with the neverending changes in their sound.

The disc starts off with a joint droning effort between Alfa Tau Bau and factory foreman Richard Van Dellen but from 'Hinter den Weissen Berge' on, moody loops of acoustic instruments take over and some of these Oriental soundscapes are reminiscent of the early works of Muslimgauze.

"Wie der Sturm das Ufer Angrif" fills half of the disc, an execellent 'old style' cut and paste work of Deutsche Rundfunk, manipulated applause, voices, cut-up vocals and irresistible spacy electronics.