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never known: once in a lifetime

  Artist: Never Known
Title: Once in a Lifetime
Format: CD-R in gatefold cardboard sleeve with full color printed artwork
Tracks: 14
time: 74:12
Release date: March 1999
File under: Ambient
Note: This item is deleted.


Track List:

1.  A Waiting  3:21

2.  Through the Gate  6:50

3.  Day Two  8:56

4.  Father and Son  4:16

5.  On the Beach – Part One  4:50

Once in a Lifetime  4:07

7.  E.Z.  3:44

8.  Pulvirentia  1:50

9.  Closer  3:25

10.  On the Beach – Part Two  5:16

11.  Whisper Me  7:18

12.  The Big Phroso  3:10

13.  Searching for an Ego  11:58

14.  Signs of Sunset and Death in the Sky  5:12



This CD-R contains all the tracks featured on the original "Once in a lifetime" tape.

In addition it contains 4 other tracks re-worked for this release: "Whisper Me", "Signs of Sunset and Death in the Sky", the full version of "Searching for an Ego" and the exclusive "The Big Phroso".

All the tracks were re-mastered on purpose.

"Probabilmente uno dei lavori più riusciti di Amon/Never Known"
Oltre il Suono [more]

"La predominanza di basse frequenza indirizza l'ascolto verso il pubblico della Dark Ambient"
Deep Listenings [more]

"This music is best described as a combination of dynamic trance condition and unsteady soundscapes"
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