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komplet: fewer molecules than deserved

  Artist: Komplet
Title: Fewer Molecules Than Deserved
Format: CD-R ltd. to 100 copies in cardboard
Tracks: 18
time: 59:18
Release date: October 2000
File under: Minimal Electronica / Illbient


Track List:

1.  Such a Downtown Gravitational Pull  2:44

2.  Highlight Recording of Past Avenues  4:59

3.  Contemporary Junk Culture Jazz  2:21

4.  Moving Faders and Two New Authors  2:00

5.  Sneak Preview of the Daily Traffic  1:25

6.  Cheaper End of Counter Sophistication  3:42

7.  SoHo Excess Offered Exclusively  0:54

8.  Heartbreaking Dilemma of Lower East Side  2:01

9.  Increased Pollution and Broad Band Emissions  2:21

10.  Prototype Performances Spatialization  1:54

11.  Super Science of Mixology  9:16

12.  Static Media, Across the Board  0:47

13.  Pushing Envelopes and Getting Straight Synthesis  7:29

14.  Hop Behind the Canal  0:51

15.  Motioning Nod Before Vacant Alternative  8:05

16.  Basement Shortage  2:21

17.  Cope and Drive, in Separate Squares  4:19

18.  A Vast Reverberation Library  1:57



Afe is proud to launch Komplet's debut CD-R. This is the newest project of Paolo Bandera, best known as a member of Sigillum S and for his solo work as Sshe Retina Stimulants: this time we have a grooving research across the territories of minimal electronica... food for thought and sweat!

"Stringhe molecolari di varia lunghezza"
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