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raffaele serra: disappearing music

  Artist: Raffaele Serra
Title: Disappearing Music
Format: CD-R in standard jewel case with full color printed artwork
Tracks: 10
time: 49:16
Release date: January 2000
File under: Avantgarde
Note: This item is deleted


Track List:

1.  Disappearing Music One  3:31

2.  Disappearing Music Two  4:19

3.  Disappearing Music Three  4:51

4.  Disappearing Music Four  4:19

5.  Disappearing Music Five  7:42

6.  Disappearing Music Six  6:44

7.  Disappearing Music Seven  5:37

8.  Disappearing Music Eight  4:00

9.  Disappearing Music Nine  6:35

10.  Disappearing Music Ten  1:35




First chapter in the "Cinema for the Ears" serie". Analogic synths and treated tapes lead through a real cinematic experience.

All the tracks on this release were composed, performed and recorded by Raffaele Serra in Winter 1999 at Mekon Studio.

"Migliaia di frammenti di audio-veritą mettono a nudo aspetti pił o meno nascosti del film della nostra vita"
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"Un CD-R da ascoltare con la mente aperta ad ogni possibile emozione sonora"
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