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never known: dawn of an era [black edition]

  Artist: Never Known
Title: Dawn of an Era [Black Edition]
CD-R in standard jewel case with pro-printed artwork
Tracks: 12 + 1
time: 74:00
Release date: March 2002
File under: Ambient


Track List:

1.  Decay  4:25

2.  Ritual of Life  4:47

3.  Ruins  3:33

4.  In Another Garden  4:34

Dawn of an Era  8:13

6.  Doors of Perception  2:49

7.  In the Distance  11:07

8.  Forced and Forged  3:51

9.  Path  6:30

10.  Exercise One  4:31

11.  31 Songs  6:09

12.  Sottacqua  3:21

13.  ???



This is the ultimate re-issue of the tracks contained on the original "Dawn of an Era" tape.

All the tracks have been re-worked and re-mastered on purpose of this edition and are presented here in a different form and order than the original tape release.

In addition to that, this CD-R contains three more tracks which were previously unreleased and that are exclusive to this release: "In the Distance", "Forced and Forged" and "Path".

Each disc also contains one hidden track randomly choose from the earliest Never Known archives.

"Long sweeping drones become white noise, placing the listener in its vacuum, time traveling to ‘the edge of forever’"
Vital Weekly [more]

"...Despite that it represents the first step of Never Known's experimentations I consider "Dawn of an Era" among the finest works written by Marutti, whatever the project name he decides to use to record his personal materials. This is an impressive musical translation of melancholia-nothingness representational form of creativity..."
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