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never known: dawn of an era [special "art" edition]

  Artist: Never Known
Title: Dawn of an Era
Format: CD-R ltd. to 20 numbered copies in a 13x13x5 cm cardboard box. The "listenable" disc is pierced with two bolts and nuts between two more discs which were glued with the sand, peebles, metals and shells originally used to create much of the music. This box also contains a shell, a small booklet and many images not present in the standard edition.
Tracks: 12
time: 63:49
Release date: April 1999
File under: Ambient
Note: This item is sold out.


Track List:

1.  Decay  4:25

2.  Ritual of Life  4:47

3.  Ruins  3:33

4.  In Another Garden  4:34

Dawn of an Era  8:13

6.  Doors of Perception  2:49

7.  In the Distance  11:07

8.  Forced and Forged  3:51

9.  Path  6:30

10.  Exercise One  4:31

11.  31 Songs  6:09

12.  Sottacqua  3:21



This is the re-issue of the tracks contained on the original "Dawn of an Era" tape.

All the tracks have been re-worked and re-mastered on purpose of this edition and are presented here in a different form and order than the original release.

In addition to that, this CD-R contains 3 more tracks which were previously unreleased and that are exclusive to this release: "In the Distance", "Forced and Forged" and "Path".

"L'Apocalisse si avvicina, e il sottosuolo brulica di suoni e visioni"
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