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lips vago: flaco ep

  Artist: Lips Vago
Title: Flaco EP
Format: CD-R EP in cardboard sleeve with full color printed artwork
Tracks: 5
time: 30:12
Release date: September 1999
File under: New Electronica


Track List:

1.  Flaco  4:12

2.  Salpe  6:02

3.  Picard  6:26

4.  Flaco [Cerbiomix]  6:16

5.  A.A.A.  7:14



A bizarre excursion through cheap sounds and strange effects. All the tracks on this release were recorded between September and December 1995.

Original version of track 5 was created and gently supplied by Kabal. All the tracks originally appeared on the "Words & Numbers" tape.