Afe [playlists 2007]

Music we listened in 2007.

December 31, 2007 - Top 10 of the year in alphabetical order

Christ.: "Bike", CD EP (Benbecula, 2007)

Durutti Column, The: "Idiot Savants", CD (Fullfill, 2007)

Genaro: "Genaro", CD (Benbecula, 2007)

Hamn, Mark: "Je déchire l'ongle aux criminels", CD-R (Afe / Bar La Muerte, 2007)

Lavelle, Brian: "Fallen Are the Domes of Green Amber", CD (Diophantine Discs, 2007)

Logoplasm: "Testa piena d'orche", CD-R (Afe, 2007)

National, The: "Boxer", CD (Beggars Banquet, 2007)

Port-Royal: "Afraid To Dance", CD (Resonant, 2007)

Sigillum S: "23/20", CD (Verba Corrige, 2007)

Vanessa Van Basten: "La stanza di Swedenborg", CD (Cold Current / Radiotarab / Noise Cult / Eibon Records, 2007)

December 27, 2007

Bowie, David: "Low", CD (EMI, 1977/1991)

Bowie, David: "Heroes", CD (EMI, 1977/1991)

Depeche Mode: "Songs of Faith and Devotion", CD (Mute Records, 1993)

: "Microchiroptera", MP3 (private, 2007)

Metallica: "...And Justice For All", CD (Elektra, 1988)

New Order: "Substance", 2xCD (Factory 1987/1992)

Pilia, Stefano: "Healing Memories... and Other Scattering Times", CD (Last Visible Dog, 2005)

Port-Royal: "Flares", CD (Resonant, 2005)

Port-Royal: "Afraid To Dance", CD (Resonant, 2007

Stereo MC's: "Retroactive", CD (Island, 2003

December 25, 2007

Basinski, William: "The Disintegration Loops III", CD (2062, 2003)

Bowie, David: "Young Americans", CD (Rykodisc, 1975/1991)

Bowie, David: "Station To Station", CD (Rykodisc, 1976/1991)

: "Nevmenosis", CD-R (forthcoming on Afe in 2008)

: "Deaf Dumb Blind", CD (Polygram, 1993)

Megadeath: "Youthanasia", CD (Capitol. 1994)

Nirvana: "Nevermind", CD (Geffen, 1991)

Peter Thomas: "Kriminal Filmmusik", CD (Prudence, 1998)

Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra: "The Erotic World of the Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra", CD (Diggler Records, 2002)

Placebo: "Once More With Feeling - Singles 1996-2004", CD (Virgin Records, 2004

December 20, 2007

Basinski, William: "The Disintegration Loops II", CD (2062, 2003)

Blind Guardian: "Nightfall In Middle-Earth", CD (Virgin Germany, 1998)

Einstürzende Neubauten
: "Halber Mensch", VHS (Doublevision, 1986)

Iron Maiden: "Somewhere In Time", CD (EMI, 1986)

Iron Maiden: "Virtual XI", CD (EMI, 1998)

Orton, Beth: "Pass In Time", 2xCD (Heavenly, 2003)

Orton, Beth: "Comfort of Strangers", CD (Astralwerks, 2006)

Sigur Rós: "Ágætis Byrjun", CD (FatCat Records, 2000

Stereo MC's: "33-45-78", CD (4th & Broadway, 1989

Stereo MC's: "Supernatural", CD (Island, 1990

December 15, 2007

Basinski, William: "The Disintegration Loops", CD (2062, 2002)

Ciampi, Piero: "L'album di Piero Ciampi", 2xCD (RCA, 1990)

Joy Division: "Warsaw", CD bootleg (Aulica, 1977/1978)

Joy Division: "Unknown Pleasures", CD (Factory Records, 1979)

Orton, Beth: "Central Reservation", CD (Heavenly, 1999)

Orton, Beth: "Daybreaker", CD (Heavenly, 2002)

Orton, Beth: "The Other Side of Daybreak", CD (Astralwerks, 2003)

Port-Royal: "Kraken EP", CD-R EP (Marsiglia Records, 2002)

Port-Royal: "Flares", CD (Resonant, 2005)

Port-Royal: "Afraid To Dance", CD (Resonant, 2007

December 10, 2007

Belle & Sebastian: "Live at Cirkus, Stockholm, 19.03.2002", MP3 bootleg sourced from the Internet

Belle & Sebastian: "Live at Tr
ädgårn, Göteborg, 25.03.2004", MP3 bootleg sourced from the Internet

Bugo: "Golia e Melchiorre", 2xCD (Universal, 2004)

Bugo: "Sguardo contemporaneo", CD (Universal, 2006)

Iron Maiden: "Iron Maiden", CD (EMI, 1980)

Iron Maiden: "Piece of Mind", CD (EMI, 1983)

Orton, Beth: "SuperpinkyMandy", CD (Toshiba EMI, 1993)

Orton, Beth: "Trailer Park", CD (Heavenly, 1996)

Orton, Beth: "Best Bit EP", CD-EP (Heavenly, 1997)

A.A.V.V.: "Squashing Charms", MiniCD-R 3" (Kosmik Elk Mind, 2007

December 1, 2007

Durutti Column, The: "Idiot Savants", CD (Fullfill, 2007)

Genesis: "Live", CD (Charisma, 1973)

Genesis: "Archive 1976-75", 4xCD box-set (Virgin Records, 1998)

Joy Division: "Martin Hannett's Personal Mixes", CD (Interstate Records, 2007)

Lukha Kremo Baroncinij & Friends: "Readings 2005", CD-R (Kipple Officina Libraria, 2006)

Oöphoi: "Mare Imbrium", CD (Nextera, 2003)

Oöphoi: "Mare Tranquillitatis", CD (Nextera, 2004)

Parodi, Claudio: "Horizontal Mover (Homage To Alvin Lucier)", CD (Extreme, 2006)

Slayer: "Reign In Blood", CD (American Recordings, 1986)

Ur + Craig Hilton: "Untitled", CD-R (private, 2007

November 24, 2007

Hamre, Karsten: "Broken Whispers", CD (Flood The Earth Records, 2005)

Jääportit: "Avarrus", CD (Epidemie Records, 2006)

National, The: "The National", CD (Brassland, 2001)

National, The: "Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers", CD (Talitres Records, 2003)

National, The: "Cherry Tree", CD EP (Brassland, 2004)

National, The: "Alligator", CD (Beggars Banquet, 2005)

National, The: "Boxer", CD (Beggars Banquet, 2007)

National, The: "Black Sessions 29.04.2005", MP3 bootleg sourced from the Internet

National, The: "White Sessions 24.05.2007", MP3 bootleg sourced from the Internet

Wiese, Klaus: "Perfume", CD (Nextera, 2006

November 22, 2007

Aphex Twin: "Selected Ambient Works 85-92", CD (Apollo, 1993)

Closing The Eterninty & Ad Lux Tenebrae: "Nearby Being", CD (Epidemie Records, 2006)

Cylob: "Previously Unavailable On Compact Disc", CD (Rephlex, 1998)

Duozero: "Esperanto", CD (Smallvoices, 2006)

Matoušek, Vlastislav: "Kaligrafie II / Calligraphy II", CD (Levné Knihy / Nextera, 2004)

Matoušek, Vlastislav: "Shapes of Silence", CD (Nextera, 2006)

Oöphoi: "Hymns To a Silent Sky", CD (Nextera, 2005)

Slazenger, Jake: "Makesaracket", CD (Clear, 1995)

Toll: "Christ Knows", CD (Cold Spring, 2006)

Toniutti, Giancarlo: "Ura Itam Taala' Momojmuj Löwajamuj Cooconaja", MiniCD 3" (Ferns Recordings, 2007

November 19, 2007

Christ.: "Blue Shift Emissions", CD (Benbecula, 2006)

Colley, Joe: "Hive", MiniCD 3" (Ferns Recordings, 2007)

Grassow, Mathias & Thomas Weiss: "Conscience", CD (Nextera, 2006)

Mnortham: "Go", MiniCD 3" (Ferns Recordings, 2006)

National, The: "White Sessions 24.05.2007", MP3 bootleg sourced from the Internet

Pholde: "Am Instance of This", CD-R (Blade Records, 2007)

Poligon Window: "Surfing On Sine Waves", CD (Warp, 1993)

Riga: "Promo 2007", CD-R EP (private, 2007)

Skøtt, Jacob / Rasmus Rasmussen / Jonas Munk: "September", CD (Benbecula, 2007)

Zardo, Gino / Janek Schaefer: "Walking East", CD-EP (Alluvial Recordings, 2005

November 15, 2007

Christ.: "Blue Shift Emissions", CD (Benbecula, 2006)

Milani, Tiziano: "Music As a Second Language", CD-R (Setola di Maiale, 2007)

Oöphoi & Tau Ceti: "Subterranea", CD (Nextera, 2003)

Sawako: "Digest #02", CD-R (Hiyokotape, 2001)

Sawako: "No Title, No Cregit But With a Stecker", CD-R (Hiyokotape, 2001)

Syntaks: "Below the Meridian", CD-R (Benbecula, 2006

Syntaks: "Awakes", CD (Benbecula, 2006)

Vance Orchestra: "At Random Again", CD (Noctovision, 2000

A.A.V.V.: "Music", CD-R (Benbecula, 2001)

A.A.V.V.: "Music Volume One and Two", CD (Benbecula, 1999/2002)

November 12, 2007

Christ.: "Seeing and Doing", CD EP (Benbecula, 2005)

Christ.: "Bike", CD EP (Benbecula, 2007)

Dead Man's Gravel: "The Cuckoos Sang In Their Appropriate Nests", CD-R (Fencing Flatworm Recordings, 2001)

Dual: "Caste", CD (CEE Recordings, 2000)

Dual: "Tocsin", CD-R (Mystery Sea, 2006)

Railway Raver, The: "Drop Acid Not Bombs", CD (Rephlex, 1998)

Roger Tubesound Ensemble, The: "Pentatonik Surprise", CD (Rather Interesting, 1997)

Sostrah Tinnitus: "Caravanserraglio", CD-R (Blade Records, 2005)

Trademark TM: "The All New Sounds of Trademark TM", CD-R (Fencing Flatworm Recordings, 2002)

A.A.V.V.: "Monopoly of Brilliance", CD (Southern, 2007

November 7, 2007

Baker, Aidan & Ultra Milkmaids: "At Home With", CD (Infraction, 2005)

Borga, Ascanio: "Peripheral Vision", CD (private, 2007)

Clear Stream Temple: "XVI", CD (Cold Spring, 2003)

Das Rhythmische Ornament: "Vakuroom 3", CD-R (Nauze [Muzick], 2001)

H2S: "Proteus Soundtracks", CD (Biostasi Records, 2007)

Neurotica: "Squaderniamoci l'io (Buon Dio!)", CD (Neurotica, 1995)

Oöphoi: "Upuaut", CD (Nextera, 2007)

Tungsten Grasshopper: "Pyrrhic Victories", CD-R (Fencing Flatworm Recordings, 2001)

Wiese, Klaus: "Baraka", CD (Nextera, 2007)

A.A.V.V.: "Table For Six: All Quiet? #2", CD (EE Tapes, 2007

November 4, 2007

Beastie Boys: "The Mix-Up", CD (Capitol, 2007)

Blondie: "Parallel Lines", CD (Capitol, 1978)

Chauveau, Sylvain & Ensemble Nocturne: "Down To the Bone - An Acoustic Tribute To Depeche Mode", CD (Nextera, 2006)

Eniac: "The Wagon", CD-R (Chew-Z, 2007)

Hancock, Herbie: "Maiden Voyage", CD (Blue Note, 1965/1999)

Kneale / Monk / Henderson: "Cicada Shrines", CD-R (Fencing Flatworm Recordings, 2000)

Marutani, Koji: "Pataphysics", CD (Alluvial Recordings, 2000)

Money Mark: "Brand New By Tomorrow", CD (Brushfire Records, 2007)

Nadja / Methadrone: "Absorption", CD-R (Nothingness Records, 2005)

Truant: "Zellaby's Beautiful Sacrifice", CD-R (Fencing Flatworm Recordings, 2001

October 30, 2007

3/4 Had Been Eliminated: "Theology", CD (Soleilmoon, 2007)

Conscientia Peccati vs. Stillstand: "Rites ov Lamashtu", MiniCD-R 3" (Taâlem, 2007)

Madame P: "2x12", CD-R (private, 2007)

Madame P: "Live at Argument Art Gallery, Tilburg 10.05.2007", DVD-R (private, 2007)

Mieville, Emmanuel: "Magnetic Fields and Shrouded Flux", MiniCD-R 3" (Taâlem, 2007)

Mu-Ziq: "Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique", CD (Planet Mu, 2007)

Nadja: "Corrasion", CD-R (Foreshadow Productions, 2003)

Nadja: "Truth Becomes Death", CD (Alien8 Recordings, 2005)

Renou, Christian: "Gone With the Wound", MiniCD-R 3" (Taâlem, 2006)

Shifts: "Branches", MiniCD-R 3" (Taâlem, 2006

October 23, 2007

Bardoseneticcube: "The Sacral Member", MiniCD-R 3" (Taâlem, 2006)

Belle & Sebastian: "Tiger Milk", CD (Jeepster, 1996)

Belle & Sebastian: "If You're Feeling Sinister", CD (Jeepster, 1996)

Belle & Sebastian: "The Life Pursuit", CD (Rough Trade, 2006)

Dhuo: "Overflow", LP (CGD, 1984)

Goose: "Isabel", MiniCD-R 3" (Taâlem, 2006)

Kontakta: "Kontakta", CD (Odd Size, 1992)

National, The: "Boxer", CD (Beggars Banquet, 2007)

Netherworld: "Hallucinations", MiniCD-R 3" (Taâlem, 2006)

Pholde: "...and With It, We Shall Divide", CD (Panta Rhei Recordings, 2003

October 15, 2007

2kilos &More: "9,21", MiniCD-R 3" (Taâlem, 2006)

Belle & Sebastian: "BBC Sessions 2001-2002", MP3 bootleg sourced from the Internet

Belle & Sebastian: "Storytelling", CD (Jeepster, 2002)

Belle & Sebastian: "Dear Catastrophe Waitress", CD (Rough Trade, 2003)

Blowhole: "Reassembled", Cassette (b/b Tapes, 1995)

Hall of Mirrors: "Forgotten Realm", CD-R (private, 2007)

Macino Trio: "7/4", MP3 EP (Produzioni Pezzente, 2007)

Marfaus: "Gente comune", CD (MF Inc., 2005)

Mnortham / Brume & TBC: "Split", CD-R (Wachsender Prozess, 2004)

Spiracle: "Lumen", MiniCD-R 3" (Taâlem, 2007

October 9, 2007

Belle & Sebastian: "BBC Sessions 1996-1997", MP3 bootleg sourced from the Internet

Belle & Sebastian: "Black Sessions, Paris, 05.10.1998", MP3 bootleg sourced from the Internet

Belle & Sebastian: "If You're Feeling Sinister Live at the Barbican, London, 25.09.2005", MP3 (Jeepster, 2005)

Fagen, Donald: "The Nightfly", CD (Warner Bros, 1982)

In Meditarium: "Uterus", CD-R (Wrong Eye / OMS Records, 2004)

Kar: "Con le dovute eccezioni (La tregua reggerà)", MiniCD-R 3" (Frame!, 2005)

Kapotte Muziek: "Enhanced Room Acoustics", Cassette (b/b Tapes, 1996)

Onodera, Yui: "Le Jardin", MiniCD-R 3" (Taâlem, 2007)

Orsi, Fabio / Salvatore Borrelli: "L'après, l'(a)-Dieu (40 mt, under)", MiniCD-R 3" (private, 2005)

Van Veldhoven, Wouter: "Ruststukken", CD-R (Slaapwel Records, 2007

October 4, 2007

Aal & Logoplasm: "Fortean Boomerangs", Cassette (Kosmik Elk Mind, 2007)

Boombox Borealis: "Mayday Calls", Cassette (Kosmik Elk Mind, 2007)

Cold Solemn Rites in the Sun / Last Snow Burial: "Untitled", Cassette (Palustre, 2006)

Genetic Transmission: "Doppelganger", CD-R (D.S.B.M.W., 1997/2003)

Harshcore & Boombox Borealis: "The Return of the Magic Mold", Cassette (Kosmik Elk Mind, 2007)

Infant Cycle, The / Jared Davison: "Periodical I", MiniCD-R 3" (The Ceiling, 2005)

Infant Cycle, The / Antmanuv: "Periodical III", MiniCD-R 3" (The Ceiling, 2007)

Szczesny, Dawid: "Snow Beetroot / Stapes I-III EP", MiniCD-R 3" ((1.8)sec. Records, 2005

Van Veldhoven, Wouter: "Ruststukken", CD-R (Slaapwel Records, 2007

A.A.V.V.: "(1.8)sec Compilation", LP ((1.8)sec. Records, 2004

October 1, 2007

Colloquio: "Si muove e ride", CD (Eibon Records, 2007)

Gydja: "Liber Babalon ", 2xCD-R (Shadowlight Kommunikations, 2001)

Gydja: "Cold Seed (Hagalaz Meditation)", CD-R (Shadowlight Kommunikations, 2002)

Gydja: "Rivers...", CD-R (Shadowlight Kommunikations, 2002)

Gydja: "Umbilicus Maris", CD-R (Mystery Sea, 2006)

Krebs, K.M.: "The Light Will Fill the Darkness and Obliterate It", CD-R (Mystery Sea, 2003)

Midwich: "Tiny Muscle", CD-R (Fencing Flatworm Recordings, 2001)

Rocchetti, Claudio: "But Speak Fair Words", CD-R (S'agita Recordings, 2003)

Rocchetti, Claudio: "The Work Called Kitano", CD (Bar La Muerte, 2003)

A.A.V.V.: "Save the Future", CD (Betulla, 2003

September 27, 2007

Campbell, Neil: "The Hearing Force of the Humanverse", CD-R (Fencing Flatworm Recordings, 2001)

Das Rhythmische Ornament / Dronæment / D.Rhythm:o: "Untitled", Cassette (EE Tapes, 1998)

Dronæment: "Crop Circle", Cassette (Darkness Productions, 2000)

Lavelle, Brian: "Fallen Are the Domes of Green Amber", CD (Diophantine Discs, 2007)

Lavelle, Brian: "The Extraordinary Silence of Winter", CD-R (private, 2007)

Opium: "The Reborn of the Rebel Angel", CD (Hic Sunt Leones, 2000)

Sola Translatio: "Mother Sunrise", CD (Hypnos, 2000)

Sola Translatio: "Enigma", CD (Hic Sunt Leones, 2006)

Spagirus: "Shravaka", CD-R (Palustre, 2006)

Stereo MC's / A.A.V.V.: "DJ Kicks", CD (Studio !K7, 2000

September 23, 2007

Aube: "Aube Reworks Nimh Vol. 1", CD (Silentes, 2007)

Circle of Confusion
: "Three Stigmata", CD-R (private, 2003)

Circle of Confusion
: "Hypercube", CD-R (private, 2004)

Circle of Confusion
: "Sirius Suite", CD-R (private, 2004)

Cisfinitum: "Landschaft", CD-R (Insofar Vapor Bulk, 2000)

Daft Punk
: "Alive 1997", CD (Virgin America, 2001)

Ipersensity: "Second Issued", CD-R (Setola di Maiale, 2005)

Marchment, Jack: "Recordings (May-July 2006)", CD-R (Benbecula, 2006)

Ninth Desert: "Zone", CD-R (Mystery Sea, 2007)

Pandit, Korla: "Exotica 2000", CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1996

September 19, 2007

Crash: "Reign in Decadence", MP3 (private, 2007)

Ellis, Brian: "The Silver Creature", CD (Benbecula, 2007)

Inferno / OvO / Psychofagist: "A Bullet Sounds the Same (In Every Language)", CD (Shove / Bar La Muerte / Donna Bavosa, 2007)

La Fura Dels Baus: "Ajoe / Marea", 12" (Discos Radioactivos Organizados, 1986)

OvO / Sinistri: "OvO / Sinistri", 10" split EP (PhonoMetak Laboratories / Wallace Records, 2007)

Peter Thomas Sound Orchester: "Orion 2000" 10" (Bungalow, 1996)

Peter Thomas Sound Orchester: "Perry Rhodan" 10" (Boutique / Universal, 1999)

Where: "Wererat" CD (Eibon Records, 2006)

Wounded Knee: "Wounded Knee", CD-R (Benbecula, 2007)

A.A.V.V.: "Harpsichord 2000", CD (S.H.A.D.O. 2000

September 16, 2007

A Guy Called Gerald: "Black Secret Technology", CD (Juice Box, 1995)

DJ Shadow: "The Private Press", CD (A&M Records, 2002)

Genaro: "Genaro", CD (Benbecula, 2007)

Malice Fink: "Malice Fink", MiniCD-R 3" (Vaatican Records, 2007)

Meat Loaf: "Bat Out of Hell", CD (Epic, 1977)

Moth Electret: "Lil", CD (Mystery Sea, 2007)

Sigillum S: "23/20", CD (Verba Corrige, 2007)

Ugh: "Remix By Ugh", MiniCD-R 3" (Vaatican Records, 2007)

Wooden Sights: "Wooden Sights", CD-R (private, 2003)

A.A.V.V.: "Pussy Galore", CD (Pussyfoot Records, 1996)

September 12, 2007

Blondie: "Greatest Hits", CD (Capitol, 2006)

Daniele, Romina: "Diffrazioni", CD-R (Private, 2005)

Genaro: "Genaro", CD (Benbecula, 2007)

Longamagam: "Cerumen Tracks", MiniCD-R 3" (Vaatican Records, 2007)

SJ Esau: "Wrong Faced Cat Feed Collapse", CD (Fooltribe, 2005)

Stasis: "Inspiration", CD (Peacefrog, 1994)

Stereo MC's: "Connected", CD (Island, 1992)

Stereo MC's: "Deep Down and Dirty", CD (Island, 2001)

A.A.V.V.: "Escalator Records, Tokyo", CD (Bungalow, 2000)

A.A.V.V.: "Le conseguenze dell'amore (Original Soundtrack)", CD (Edel, 2004)

September 6, 2007

16B: "Sounds From Another Room", CD (Eye Q, 1998)

Names, The: "Swimming", CD (Factory Benelux, 1982/1991)

Nirvana: "Nevermind", CD (Geffen, 1991)

Orton, Beth: "Central Reservation", CD (Arista, 1999)

Renegade Soundwave: "In Dub", CD (Mute Records, 1990)

Santana: "Caravanserai", CD (CBS, 1972)

Skylab: "Skylab #1", CD (L'Attitude Records, 1994)

Travis: "The Invisible Band", CD (Indipendiente/Epic, 2001)

Who, The: "Quadrophenia", 2xCD (Polydor, 1973/1996)

A.A.V.V.: "Back To Mine - Everything But The Girl", CD (DMC, 2001)

August 27, 2007

Belle & Sebastian: "Push Barman To Open Old Wounds", 2xCD (Jeepster, 2005)

Global Goon: "Goon", CD (Rephlex, 1996)

Jackson, Michael: "Thriller", CD (Epic, 1982)

Mina: "TeleCineMina", CD (Elle U Multimedia, 1999)

Outoff Body Experience: "Illegal State ov Mind", CD (Vox Pop, 1990)

Recoil: "Bloodline", CD (Mute Records, 1992)

Schulze, Klaus: "Moondawn", CD (Brain, 1976)

Simple Minds: "Life In a Day", CD (Virgin, 1979)

Vibert, Luke / BJ Cole: "Stop the Panic", CD (Cooking Vinyl, 2000)

Weather Report: "8:30", 2xCD (CBS, 1979)

August 18, 2007

Bochum Welt: "Les dances d'été", 12" (Kromode Records, 1995)

Bochum Welt: "Phial EP", 12" (Axodya, 1995)

Bochum Welt: "Desktop Robotics", 2x12" (Rephlex, 1997)

Bochum Welt / Xyrex F: "JX1", 12" (Trance Communication Records, 1994)

Fagen, Donald: "Kamakiriad", CD (Reprise, 1993)

Fagen, Donald: "Morph the Cat", CD (Reprise, 2006)

Steely Dan: "Aja", CD (MCA, 1977)

Steely Dan: "Gaucho", CD (MCA, 1980)

White, Barry: "Can't Get Enough", CD (Polygram, 1974)

Vangelis: "Opera Sauvage", CD (Polydor, 1979)

August 12, 2007

AC/DC: "Powerage", CD (Atlantic, 1978)

Aube: "Aube Reworks Nimh Vol. 1", CD (Silentes, 2007)

Hancock, Herbie: "Head Hunters", CD (Sony 1973/1997)

Never Known: "Live at the Cosmic Egg, 10.06.2000", CD-R (Afe, 2007)

Nimh: "The Missing Tapes", CD (Silentes, 2007)

Other Two, The: "The Other Two & You", CD (London Records, 1993)

U2: "Zooropa", CD (Island, 1993)

Vangelis: "Opera Sauvage", CD (Polydor, 1979)

A.A.V.V.: "Metalheadz - Platinum Breakz", 2xCD (Metalheadz/FFRR, 1996)

A.A.V.V.: "The Future Sound of Jazz Vol. II", CD (Compost, 1996)

August 3, 2007

Boards of Canada: "Geogaddi", CD (Warp, 2002)

Bochum Welt: "Module 2", CD (Rephlex, 1996)

Dire Straits: "Money For Nothing", CD (Vertigo, 1988)

Everything But The Girl: "Temperamental", CD (Virgin, 1998)

öttsching, Manuel: "Inventions for Electric Guitar", LP (PDU, 1974)

Mu-Ziq: "Bilious Paths", CD (Planet Mu, 2003)

Saint Etienne: "Too Young To Die - Singles 1990-1995", CD (Creation Records, 1995)

Spacer: "Atlas Earth", CD (Pussyfoot Records, 1996)

Village, The: "The Village", CD (Elefant Records, 1997)

Yuppie Flu: "The Blue Experiment", 10" (Rex Records, 2002

July 26,

Alio Die: "Aurea Hora", 10" (Smallvoices, 2006)

Belle & Sebastian: "Tiger Milk", CD (Jeepster, 1996)

Belle & Sebastian: "If You're Feeling Sinister", CD (Jeepster, 1996)

Belle & Sebastian: "BBC Sessions 1996-97", MP3 bootleg sourced from the Internet

Beta Band, The: "The 3 E.P.'s", CD (EMI, 1998)

Black Tape For a Blue Girl: "With My Sorrows", 10" (Amplexus, 1999)

Giardini di Mirò / Pimmon: "Giardini di Mirò vs. Pimmon", 10" (Fiction Friction / 2nd Rec, 2000)

H2S: "Proteus Soundtracks", CD-R (private, 2007)

Horchata vs. Sil Muir: "Horchata vs. Sil Muir", CD-R EP (private, 2007)

In Meditarium: "Mare Internum", 7" (Drone Records, 2005)

July 18,

Be Invisible Now!: "Neutrino", CD (Boring Machines, 2007)

Femina Faber: "Tumultuor", CD (private, 2007)

I Camillas: "Everybody in the palco!", CD-EP (I dischi di plastica, 2007)

Logoplasm: "Transito dal leggiadro", CD-R (S'agita Recordings, 2004)

Mirkopratik: "Pizza e igiene", CD-R (I dischi di plastica, 1998/2007)

Mu-Ziq: "Tango N'Vectif", 2xCD (Rephlex, 1993/2001)

Never Known: "Once in a Lifetime", CD-R (Afe, 2007)

Serra, Raffaele
: "Hypnagogic Algorithms", CD-R (Afe, 2001)

Takemura, Nobukazu & Zu: "Identification With the Enemy: a Key to the Underworld", CD (Atavistic, 2006)

A.A.V.V.: "Eurowarp - The Seven Year Glitch", promo tape (Warp, 1996)

July 6,

Almandino Quite Deluxe: "Violent Potato", CD (Wallace Records / Bar La Muerte, 2007)

Bachi da pietra: "Tornare nella terra", CD (Wallace Records, 2005)

Bachi da pietra: "Non io", CD (Wallace Records / Die Schachtel, 2007)

Desolation Wilderness: "Beautiful on the Avenue", CD-R (Benbecula, 2007)

Ellis, Brian: "Free Way", CD-R (Benbecula, 2007)

Kayn, Roland: "Tektra", 4xCD Box-set (Barooni, 1980-82 / 1997)

Rou Dou Dou: "Tout l'univers - Listener's Digest", CD (Delabel, 1998)

Rou Dou Dou: "Just a Place in the Sun", CD (Delabel, 2001

A.A.V.V.: "A Century of Covers - Belle & Sebastian Tribute", Free MP3 album (Kirsten's Postcard, 2006)

A.A.V.V.: "Kone-R U.K. Electronica Special", Free podcast (Kone-R, 2007)

June 27,

Belle & Sebastian: "This Is Just a Modern Rock Song", CDS (Jeepster, 1998)

Belle & Sebastian: "Legal Man", CDS (Jeepster, 2000)

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a gotica", CD (I dischi del mulo / Black Out, 1996)

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