A portrait of [Raffaele Serra]

Raffaele Serra is best known for his solo works produced during the 80s: "Kodak Ghost Poems", "Ritual in Transfigured Time", "Music for the Heart and the Memory" and many others. In the 90s he released two CDs with his highly acclaimed Five Thousand Spirits new project: "A Tapestry for Sourceres" on Alio Die's Hic Sunt Leones label, and "Mesmeric Revelation" on the american label Crowd Control Activities.

Now he is back again, and Afe is proudly releasing some of his most recent works.

Contact: info@aferecords.com

For detailed news and reviews about Raffaele Serra's work please visit the Oltre il Suono website.



Il Giardino del Tempo, Tape, 1987 (Ludi Sounds)

Kodak Ghost Poems, LP, 1988 (Maldoror)

Ritual in Transfigured Time, LP, 1989 (Audiozone)

Music for the Heart and The Memory, CD, 1991 (Ludi Sounds)

Heaven and Earth Magic Feature, CD, 1992 (Mantric Wave)

Ishtar, CD, 1993 (Ludi Sounds)

Five Thousand Spirits: A Tapestry for Sorcerers, CD, 1995 (Sempiterna Mutatio)

Our Lady of the Sphere, CD-R, 1998 (Mantric Wave)

Five Thousand Spirits: Mesmeric Revelations, CD, 1998 (Crowd Control Activities)

Memories of an Unborn Baby, CD-R, 1999 (Mantric Wave)

Disappearing Music, CD-R, January 2000 (Afe)

Theta Experience, CD-R, February 2000 (Afe)

Journey Around a Zero, CD-R, April 2000 (Afe)

Holographic Soundscapes, CD-R, June 2000 (Afe)

Molecular Memory, CD-R, January 2001 (Afe)

Raffaele Serra / Andrea Marutti / Atto: Frontiere, CD-R, September 2001 (Afe)

Hypnagogic Algorithms, CD-R December 2001 (Afe)

Digital Avatar, CD-R May 2002 (Afe)

Europe Endless, CD-R December 2002 (Afe)

Talharion: Footsteps On Dead Leaves, CD-R January 2003 (Mantric Wave)

Le Spectre De La Rose, CD-R December 2003 (Afe)

The Third Mind, CD-R January 2004 (Mantric Wave)

Five Thousand Spirits: Quantum Consciousness, CD May 2006 (Sempiterna Mutatio)

Five Thousand Spirits: Schwarzschild Radius, CD September 2006 (Sempiterna Mutatio)