Raffaele Serra / Andrea Marutti / Atto [Frontiere]

Andrea / Raffaele / Atto

All photos by Stefano Marmugi and Elisabetta Bocchino


the whole story

September 23rd 2000 was the closing day of "Frontiere", an international multimedia happening which was staged in Milan at "La Posteria", a strange structure located in the city center which usually gives shelter to fashion-shows and stuff like that.

Raffaele Serra and I were invited to play a live concert and Atto, a famous italian videomaker, joined us on stage to feed the audience with live videos sourced from his powerbook.

We were scheduled to play around 9 p.m., but were forced to begin our concert about two hours later... in the meantime the venue got crowded and crowded as hundreds of people came to see the good alternative italian pop band "La Crus" which were scheduled at 11 p.m.

We decided to perform a mixture of ambient / analogic textures along with some more beat-oriented tracks thrown in for good measure. At the end of the concert reactions from the public were very positive and we all felt very satisfied. A 100 numbered copies limited edition CD-R documenting the concert is now available on Afe.

River of thanks to Riccardo Marmugi for his live assistance and co-ordination and to all our friends in Milan who attended the concert.


some images

The concert begins


Raffaele concentrates on his MS20


The Head


The Body




Lights and shadows


Famous italian rap star watch the show: Ricky B.


Ghost 80




Andrea, Raffaele and Riccardo Marmugi


Andrea and Raffaele in typical "The Wire" style