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Two Dead Bodies

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Reflect [afe081lcd]

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Two Dead Bodies is an extreme-tribal-noise project that involves Luca Mauri and Andrea Reali, both originating from the hinterland of Milan, Italy.

Beside playing with Two Dead Bodies, Luca Mauri is also the guitarist of the minimalistic impro / jazzy / freeform band I/O, whose debut CD was released by Ebria Records.

Luca also plays wild drums patterns with Kokoro Mayikibo, a white funk band of the 90s, that plays rock of the 80s, with instruments of the 70s...

Andrea Reali
is the singer of both bands. His impressive vocal range and technique allows him to be the wildest improviser - in a Stratosesque way - with I/O, and the perfect stage animal with Kokoro Mayikibo, where he also plays saxophone.

Andrea is also one of the founders of Ebria Records, among whose releases we'd like to mention OvO, I/O, IOIOI, Uncode Duello and Echran.

The guys at Ebria are also the organizers of the great Bää Fest, which is usually staged in Milan during the month of June.

Two Dead Bodies were born in the hot summer of 2005 when Luca and Andrea recorded their first tracks during a sunny afternoon impro session.

After recording, all audio material was re-processed, re-mixed and mastered by LooKe (Luca). Divided in five parts, it was given the title of "Reflect".

On the album Luca and Andrea played distorted and noisy guitars, enormous bass guitar, filthy percussions, distorted/clean voice and hallucinated sax.

"Reflect" was released in April 2006 as the first friendly co-production by Afe and Bar La Muerte.