[artists] mort douce

Mort Douce

Releases on Afe:
From the Summer Sky [afe057mp3]
Live @ Diuna Club 16.02.2005 [afe069mp3]

On the web:

Mort Douce is the project of a young polish student known as Stalker Sascha inspired by ex-USSR sci-fi movies and stories, Coil's music, time machines, ambient sounds, industrial environments, etc.

His first official release entitled "From the Summer Sky” was made available by Afe in October 2003 as a free downloadable mp3 album.

The aim of "From the Summer Sky” was to give a feeling of Summer to its listeners: the sensation of warm air and shinning sun, the fresh and beautiful nights lit by the full moon glowing, the summer storms that sometimes suprise you in the middle of the day and the most irrational fears that come alive in the darkest nights spent under the open sky.

The album also featured guest appearances by Dronaement [Germany] who supplied field recordings for "Summer Storm", and Lloyd Barrett of Diaspora [Australia], who was responsible for the additional microsounds on "Warm Rays of the Sun".

A recording taken during his 16.02.2005 live performance at Diuna Club, Warszawa, Poland, is now available as a free downloadable mp3 file.