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Amon: Mer

Label: Blade Records [wmda010]
Format: CD-R limited to 150 copies in special plexiglass package
Tracks: 5
Playing time: 55:16
Release date: June 2000
Track list
1. Foundation 7:36
2. Osirion 12:17
3. Secret Chamber 11:35
4. Darkside Return II 7:43
5. Gateway 16:00
Press release
"Mer" contains five unreleased tracks recorded between August 1999 and April 2000. "Foundation", the opening track, was sourced from a Memory Moog improvisation played by Riccardo Marmugi.

Philippe Blache / Prog Archives, October 2008

In these long experimental abstract suites, Andrea Marutti developes the basic idea of revealing the sonic characteristics of droning vibrating chords. "Mer" is an impressive, immersive ride through spacious vibes, creating a real state of spiritual isolation. The atmospheres created are particularly cloudy and foggy, musical metaphors of interior space of Human subjectivity, an illustration of anthical, mythological times (...) or anything related to the foundations of the existence itself. After the conceptual, cerebral floating piece called "Foundation", we can listen to the haunted, melancholic (almost melodic) droned out piece "Gateway". "Darkside Return II" emphasises the shadowy, ghostly archeological aspects of Amon. "Secret Chamber" contains floating almost metallic harmonies. I consider "Osirion" as the most magnificent piece with "Gateway". It provides an ultimate obscure droning mantra including a few dynamic vibrations. To conclude "Mer" is a beautifully achieved musical essay with slowly moving textural patterns that immediately recalls the darkest facets of ambient minimalism. Suspensful meditative drone music. A real phenomenology of listening.