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Never Known: Twilight's Last Gleaming

Label: Eibon Records [nev004]
Format: CD in triple-folder digipack with transparent tray
Tracks: 8
Playing time: 66:05
Release date: March 1997
Track list
1. Scattering the Seeds of Life 12:55
2. Roth Fail 6:29
3. Searching for an Ego 3:21
4. Angkor Vat 7:23
5. Life on a String 6:10
6. Living Waters 10:47
7. Twilight's Last Gleaming 8:42
8. A Crystal Prism Can Make Miracles 10:17
Press release
One year after Murder Release published "Twilight's Last Gleaming" on tape, Eibon Records decided to re-issue it in CD format, and on this purpose, the 90 minutes of the original version were reduced to 66. The tracks "Whisper Me" and "Signs of Sunset and Death in the Sky" were omitted from this re-issue, and "Searching for an Ego" was shortened to include just its introduction (formerly "Interzone Three" on the original tape).

Philippe Blache / Prog Archives, March 2009

Originally released by Murder Release in 1996, "Twilight’s Last Gleaming" is the third effort published under the name Never Known. Musically it follows the path traced by the previous efforts, subtle and sweet ethereal ambiences that surrond a glacial “cosmic” environment. Slowly moving, circular melodic waves are from time to time suspended below the surface. The album is divided into several pieces but written as a whole, epic “cosmic” composition. The opening track “Scattering the Seeds of Life” is a floating electronic meditation with crystal-like melodies appearing discreetly to the fore. Without a very delicate transition we ride into the strangely abstract and utterly dark “Roth Fail” with its exquisite mix of high monotonous frequencies, doom-like repetitive bass perforations and mytho-poetical flute notes. An impressive ritual through ancient, enigmatic time, celebrating the eternity above each mankind. The two following pieces ("Searching For an Ego" / "Angkor Vat") are strictly focused on a vast array of mysterious sci-fi drones and noises. "Living Waters” concentrates on really low-electronic phases and sequences, driven breathing forces of the Earth. The title track is an Eno-esque dreamy electronic ambient tale floating in dark abstraction. This piece is much more accessible but still very efficient with beautiful and peaceful cloudy melodies. A spacious, delicate and intimate work. Not the most outstanding work from Never Known but a very special, comfortable natural listen in slow moving musical scenes.