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Details about Andrea Marutti's discography, concerts and activities are available on his personal website.

Andrea Marutti was born 21.07.1970 and lives in Milan, Italy. Since his childhood he showed a great interest for music, and after having been part of several bands during the Eighties, he decided to continue on his own a personal search for unusual sounds.

The purchase of a portable recorder in 1991 was the decisive factor that pushed him toward experimental music. At that time he used to take field recordings and manipulate them with the help of a recorder equipped with a speed control. Those primitive recordings were the base on which the Never Known project took shape.

The name he choosed was inspired by a track contained in "L.C.", the second album of the english band The Durutti Column, and it was originally meant to be a tribute to their music.

In 1994, a demotape of some of his earlier stuff caught the ear of the, now defunct, milanese cult label Kronotop which decided to publish his music on the strictly limited edition tape "Dawn of an Era".

The tracks contained on "Dawn of an Era" and on the following "Once in a Lifetime" were produced almost in their entirety overlapping and slowing down tapes using 3 or 4 recorders, with a little bit of help from a very primitive sampling software and a 4 channels mixer. Some of the sound used came from bottles, water, shells, stones and electrical household appliances.

Between the end of 1994 and the first months of 1995, he bought some synthesizers, a digital multitrack recorder and a professional mixer, and spent the greatest part of the year learning how to use them properly and interfacing them via midi with a computer sequencing software. Then the Amon project was born.

Andrea Marutti has always been deeply fascinated by the great Civilizations of the past, and especially by the space-archaeology books written by Peter Kolosimo during the Sixties / Seventies, aiming to relate these Civilizations with inhabitants coming from other planets and their visit to Earth.

The first "Amon" CD was published due to the interest of Murder Release in April 1996 in a 500 copies edition. The music was recorded in September 1995 as a natural evolution of the Never Known sound, even if it introduced darker moods and was made with real electronic instruments.

In January 1996 he recorded "Twilight's Last Gleaming", which was released in its complete form by Murder Release as a C90 tape. At the end of the year he got in touch with Eibon Records who asked him for some Amon tracks to use in its forthcoming "Dissolution Fahrenheit" compilation. Some months later, Eibon Records also published the digital version of "Twilight's Last Gleaming" which was shortened to fit the CD format.

A collaboration work between Mortar and Amon was also recorded in November 1996, but was left unpublished for long time. This music was released at last in early 2000 by italian label Oktagön as a Mortar LP entitled "From The Grave". There is no mention of Amon anywhere on this album...

In April 1997 he played his very first Amon / Never Known concert in a small club in Milan. The concert was documented on the limited edition tape "Live at Molto" published by Afe, his own label. In the meantime, he also finished the tracks which were going to appear on the second Amon CD entitled "El Khela", which was published in July 1997 by Eibon Records.

In 1998 he had the chance to appear as Amon in the Drone Records 7" serie with the "Aura EP". During the same year he concentrated on the technical side of things and learned to work with audio / graphic / burning softwares. As a consequence, all the Amon / Never Known old tapes were re-issued in CD-R format and the Afe catalogue was expanded to include other artists' music.

In Fall 1999, as soon as the very first version of the Amon / Never Known website was launched, he started to work on new music. The third Amon CD entitled "The Legacy" was published by Eibon Records in November 1999. Since it was created using different techniques, the album didn't sound exactly like the previous ones. All the tracks were developed from long improvisation sessions.

"On the Edge of Forever", the latest Never Known CD album, was published once again by Eibon Records in May 2000. While Amon has gone darker and darker with each release, this CD was very ambient and introduced more analogue moments and melodies.

A specially packaged strictly limited edition Amon CD-R entitled "Mer" was also released by Blade Records a few weeks later. The music on this release sat somewhere in between "El Khela" and "The Legacy".

As Afe was quickly becoming a preferred activity, his musical output as Amon and Never Known was reduced to a few compilation tracks.

"Nona" was released by Amplexus in April 2003 and was available in two different versions: a CD-EP and a 300 copies limited edition 10" vinyl. The CD-EP contained one 21 minutes long track while the 10" vinyl had about 14 minutes of music on each side. Both the formats included exclusive material. The music has obviously much in common with Amon's previous releases, but according to the need of a change expressed by the author, it introduced new elements and could be easily filed both under Dark Ambient and Avantgarde.

In April 2005, due to popular demand and about five years after its original release, "Mer" was re-published along with most of the tracks contained on the first untitled Amon album, as a double CD entitled "Foundation" on Eibon Records / Afe. A few unreleased/rare tracks were added as a bonus.

During 2005 Andrea Marutti and Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh) met to record a few tracks together and they ended up recording two albums worth of material. "Sator", the Amon / Nimh first collaboration was released by Eibon Records in February 2007. Silentes released "Reflections On Black", Hall of Mirrors' debut album, in July 2007.

There are no plans for future Amon and Never Known solo works at the moment, but who knows...

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