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Spiral: The Digital Vapor Glitch-Noise Fusion According To Spiral

Artist: Spiral
Title: The Digital Vapor Glitch-Noise Fusion According To Spiral
Label: Lunhare [zzz-5]
Format: CD-R ltd. to 100 copies in pro-printed cardboard sleeve
: 8
Playing time: 58:38
File under: Experimental / Glitch / Noise
Release date: January 2009
Track list:

01.  Wall of Sound  9:32
02.  Fractal [I]  1:54
03.  Loopy  6:56
04.  Fractal [II]  2:00
05.  Exercise in C Flat  4:02
06.  Cantyousee  7:48
07.  Fractal [III]  6:31
08.  I Am the Walrus  19:55
Press release:

Recorded and mixed by Spiral in a secret location between 2002 and 2003. All tracks by Spiral except "I Am the Walrus" by Lennon / McCartney.

"Spiral is the rascal side of Andrea Marutti, a.k.a. Amon and Never Known. The album title says it all, but if it's not enough have a listen to the mp3s."

Somehow I expected something else from Andrea Marutti, whom we learned to know and love for his projects Amon and Never Known, but then perhaps the title is the program around here. This is Marutti's noise, working with whatever went wrong in the process of recording this. It's not always super loud, super distorted, but never close to the drones and ambient we heard before. A track like "Fractal [III]" comes close though. There is an almost twenty minute cover "I Am The Walrus", but it takes no expert to tell you it sounds like something else, most likely a computer running amok. Its interesting to see him doing 'other' stuff too, and some of it is actually quite good but not throughout.
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly, February 2009

I think you may have noticed it, anyhow Andrea Marutti during the last years beside getting involved in a good number of collaborations has kept putting out solo releases (or he simply augmented his hyperactivity). Spiral is not exactly what Amon or Never Known fans may dig, but at the same time I'm sure if you're a diehard follower of Marutti and you've tasted his materials in different salsas I'm quite fond of the fact you'll find spores of his other projects in this release too. Eight track for almost one hour of "music", let's say it's mainly reworked synth material which has a little bit of ambient attitude for what concerns the structure but that reminded me much more of some post-industrial-experimental projects. Some years ago this work could have come out on labels such as Invisible, Possible Records or Sentrax Corporation, I've found reminiscences of Coil, Mika Vainio, ELpH, a simplified Asmus Tietchens and who know what else. The title says a lot, but this is not a loud release and it's also far from being brute or whatever, here are featured a good amount of high and low frequencies and an intentional propension for simple song structures with simple or hidden melodies. I can't say this is one of those releases the majority of you will file under easy listening but betraying the impression given by the album title this is not Marutti in his "heavier than life"-mode so the electronic pussy like you and me won't complain like "nnooo... he's depressed me once too much!!!". Under a certain perspective this is an unusual release with a really experimental and ludique extravaganza but at the same time if you exclude a couple of really difficult tracks, I think this is something definite worth of a try.
Andrea Ferraris, Chain D.L.K., May 2009
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