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Andrea Marutti: Seven To Go

Artist: Andrea Marutti
Title: Seven To Go
Label: private edition
Format: CD-R in custom sleeve
: 7
Playing time: 30:29
File under: Experimental
Release date: December 2006
Track list:

01.  For Your Ears Only #1  4:07
02.  Hai Paura?  2:40
03.  Wall of Sound  6:49
04.  For Your Ears Only #2  2:49
05.  My Froggy Friend  4:11
06.  Am I a Field Recordist?  5:12
07.  Calling For Help  4:41
Press release:

All music performed and recorded by Andrea Marutti in March 2005 at Lips Vago Digital Studio and at Pergola Mindcafe, Milan, Italy. Voice on "Hai Paura?" courtesy of Patrizia Oliva. Equipment used on these recordings include: Roland JD-800 synthesizer, Korg Wavestation A/D synthesizer, Alesis Quadrasynth, Korg MS20 analogue synthesizer, Flex XLPC Theremin, W.M. Kratt Co. Master Key Pitch Instrument, Michigan J circuit bent toy, Energizer HAL2C1 flashlight, Panasonic EB-GD30 cellphone, Ibanez DE7 delay/echo, Zoom 1201 multi effect. Note: this is a promotional item and is exclusively available at live concerts or through the Afe mail-order.

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