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Andrea Marutti: Espressioni attuali, 9 Aprile 2005

Artist: Andrea Marutti
Title: Espressioni attuali, 9 Aprile 2005
Label: private edition
Format: DVD-R in custom sleeve
: 1
Playing time: 41:35
File under: Experimental / Ambient
Release date: February 2007
Note: this is a promotional item and is exclusively available at live concerts or through the Afe mail-order.
Track list:

01a.  For Your Ears Only  7:36
01b.  Hai Paura?  4:24
01c.  Wall of Sound  6:08
01d.  Gateway to the Stars  11:02
01e.  Field, I Am a Recordist  5:20
01f.  Calling For Help  7:05
Press release:

All music performed live 09.04.2005 by Andrea Marutti at Studio Dieci, Vercelli, Italy. Voice on "Hai Paura?" courtesy of Patrizia Oliva.

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