Andrea Marutti was born in 1970 and currently lives in Milan, Italy. He began his experiments with music in the early '90s using tapes and concrete elements. A few years later he also started to use synthesizers, samplers and other electronic devices, and founded the Lips Vago Digital Studio.

His most well-known projects are Amon and Never Known. Several releases of Ambient / Dark Ambient music were published by labels such as Eibon Records, Nextera, Amplexus, Silentes, Drone Records, Taâlem, etc. on CD and other medias.

He is also responsible of many other projects dealing with different styles of electronic music ranging from Lo-Fi / Weird / Cheap Electronica to IDM (Wolkspurz & Ramirez, Lips Vago), Dada / Noise / Non-sense (Spiral).

Recently he also started recording and releasing experimental/ambient tracks under his own name, in duo with Nimh / Giuseppe Verticchio as "Hall of Mirrors", with Davide Del Col (Ornament, Echran) as Molnija Aura, and again in duo with Andrea "Ics" Ferraris as "Sil Muir".

During the years he had the chance to collaborate and play with many friends/musicians/artists: Nefelheim, Madame P, Fausto Balbo, Aidan Baker, Dronaement, Bugo, Hue, Krell, Femina Faber, a034, Florian Filsinger, Roberto Bellatalla, Elephant Zyclus, Kabal, Moan, OvO, Ventolin Orchestra, Sparkle in Grey, Mark Hamn, V/VM, Manuele Cecconello, Amalia Del Ponte, Subterranean Source, Raffaele Serra, Biped...

He runs a small label called Afe whose 10th birthday was celebrated in 2005. Among the musicians who had their music released on Afe we would like to mention Maurizio Bianchi, Bad Sector, Maeror Tri, Telepherique, De Fabriek, Ultra Milkmaids, Aidan Baker, Ovum, Steve Brand, Logoplasm, Raffaele Serra, Ellende, Bestia Centauri, True Colour of Blood, Gerstein, Dronaement, Frog Pocket, Moan, Nimh, Brian Lavelle...

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